Open standards, open source light-weight digital platform, designed for cloud-native digital solutions.


Integrate on premise and SaaS applications with your digital solutions and IoT devices, manage and control integrations.


Establish agile DevOps development environment with open source best-of-breed DevOps solution.


Create sophisticated enterprise-grade web and mobile user interfaces with superb user experience and BPM integration.


Rapidly develop digital marketplace solutions with full support for digital business models.


Take advantage of ubiquitous presence of mobile device and acquire data from them. Analyze data to extract information applicable to your use case. Privacy, security and data integrity assured with blockchain technology.

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A prestigious Java Duke's Choice Award Winner

Java Duke's Choice Award Winner

Kumuluz has won the prestigious Java Duke's Choice Award. The Duke's Choice Award is the Java community equivalent of winning an Oscar. The award celebrates extreme innovation using Java technology. Java Duke's Choice Award winners are recognition as an elite member of the Java ecosystem.

EuroCloud Award for the most innovative cloud service

Slovenian Start:up of the Year Finalist

Advantages of KumuluzDigital

Accelerates your digital transformation.

Preserves you existing Java EE skills and migrates them to the cloud.

Completely open, zero vendor lock-in.

Designed and built for the cloud-native architecture.

Deployed on-premises in your local datacenter or in the cloud.

Minimal up-front investment.

Open standards based and open sourced.

Full 24/7 support and maintenance.

KumuluzDigital reduces time-to-market for your digital products and services up to 85%.

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We are a highly-skilled team of professionals with strong track record and extensive experience in designing, creating, developing and integrating complex applications and information systems. Advantages of working with us include agility, quick development times, close relation with the client, high quality, and state-of-the-art technology skills.

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Sunesis name was not chosen randomly, but communicates the core values represented by the company.

The Greeks had three great words describing three great qualities of the mind. If a man possessed these three qualities he had a mind equipped. The words are:
Sophia (wisdom of ultimate things),
Phronesis (prudence) and
which literally means uniting, bringing together, integrating. It would be true to say that Sunesis is that faculty of putting two and two together. In its essence Sunesis is the power to asses, distinguish, criticize and evaluate, understand and to form judgments.